Monday 21 November 2016

Azure Resource Manager Load Balancer setup with Terraform

In previous posts, I showed how to configure the basics for using Terraform on Azure Resource Manager and also how to set up WinRM over HTTPS for configuring the servers once built,

In this post I take the configuration a step further and create a Load Balancer with an Availability Set. I use the load balancer public IP to NAT into the VMs using WinRM to execute a Powershell DSC script to install the IIS feature.

Here is a sample of the NAT rule used:

The VM and it's components use the 'count' property in Terraform in order to build multiple VMs of the same configuration. Whenever the VM's individual properties are required ${count.index} can be used to reference the specific object within the configuration. In the above gist, I use "${count.index + 10000}" to assign a unique WinRM port on the load balancer for each VM.

The configuration of the load balancer requires a field in the NIC for each VM which adds it into the load balancer's back end network.

Within the load balancer file there are configurations for it's public IP, front and back-end of the load balancer, a couple of rules for web traffic and a probe to check which machines are functional. Here is a the load balancer configuration:

The full source for this can be downloaded from GitHub here.

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  1. wonderful article. I am having issues with the LB working using custom protocols. It appears as if MS is blocking RDP unless you use RDP on the LB as a protocol, and the same with WinRM. Would love your take on this. It is super frustrating.


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