Wednesday 2 November 2016

Terraform with Azure Resource Manager

I was intrigued by Terraform for building full environments in Azure. I searched for an example but only found a classic Azure set of Terraform files here. As such, I set about creating an example set to build a small amount of resources in Azure RM using Terraform.

Set up your Azure RM credentials

Before you can deploy any resources in Azure RM you need to set up your Azure credentials with Terraform. I followed the full RM portal guide at the Terraform site and was unable to select my custom application to add the role. Once I followed the guide at the Microsoft site using the classic portal I was able to find my custom app in Azure AD and successfully completed the Terraform guide.

Microsoft Guide Here

It's quite possible that following the classical portal guide on the Terraform site will work just fine. Once completed you will have 3 GUIDs and one key to use for authentication with Azure.

Edit: I've written a quick script to create a Terraform App Registration and return credentials for use here.

I am using Powershell as my console, so I set my environment variables as such:

Once the API keys have been loaded into environment variables, I created the following files. There is a file for each major resource component. Terraform seems to handle the dependencies automatically so no ordering is required.

The next step for this is to pull all of the resource names into a file so they can be set at build time. Also this configuration doesn't include a public IP for the VM so it's fairly useless until that's added. I'll update this post once I've added the IP address.

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