Wednesday 24 May 2017

Study Guide for Azure 70-533 (November 2016 Revision)

Sites that I used:

Azure Fundamentals Book (Second Edition) - Great overview covering many of the topics.

Gareth Jones' blog - Excellent selection of links for each of the topics on the official syllabus. Do not under estimate this page!

70-533 Official Microsoft Syllabus - Make sure you're up to date with any recent changes.

Azure MOOC on openedx - Lots of online courses with exams, labs, video and text. Some of the courses listed below might go into too much detail, but if you go into them with the official syllabus in mind they are a great resource.

Design and implement Azure App Service apps (15–20%)

MOOC - Azure206x

Create and manage Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines (20–25%)

MOOC - Azure202x

Design and implement a storage strategy (20–25%)

MOOC - Azure205x

Implement an Azure Active Directory (15–20%)

MOOC - Azure204x

Implement virtual networks (10–15%)

MOOC - Azure203x

Design and deploy ARM templates (10–15%)

My ARM Templates Guide
ARM Template Walkthrough
Azure RBAC Custom Roles

Channel 9 Exam Prep Guide - Well worth an hour of your time, excellent video!

Azure Maximums - No need to put too much attention on these, but an overview is nice to have.

Azure Portal and Classic Portal - Make sure to play around.

IT Pro Cloud Essentials - Great resources for Azure, free credits, free access to learning materials etc.

Visual Studio Dev Essentials - More resources, more free Azure credits and learning resources!

The official MS practice test - Super useful to see where you need to study. I got mine as part of the Azure Single Pack exam.

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  1. Hey Dave, great post, those items helped me pass the 70-533. Cheers!


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