Thursday 22 September 2016

Veeam Endpoint USB Seeding Method

Veeam Endpoint USB Seeding Method  

  • If there is a Veeam config on the Endpoint client, clear it with the following registry edit  

1. Stop the Veeam Endpoint Backup service.  
2. Run regedit.exe and locate the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Veeam\Veeam Endpoint Backup" key. Create or modify the following value under this key:  
Name = Recreatedatabase   
Type = DWORD   
Value = 1   
3. Start Veeam Endpoint Backup service  
4. Check Veeam Endpoint to see that DB has been recreated. Once the DB is recreated, the registry entry should be reset back to 0  

  • If there is a backup on USB delete it completely  
  • Remove ALL config for that server from Veeam B&R server  
  • You must have created an Endpoint backup on the repository server in order to create the folder structure. 
Seed Method - All steps may not be necessary but this is what I did  

1. Create USB local backup on the Veeam Endpoint client 
2. Run the backup  
3. Immediately run an incremental  
4. Run another incremental for good measure – this specific step may not be required. 
5. Copy files into EXISTING "X:\Backup\DOMAIN_UserAccount\" folder (Replace X:\Backups with your endpoint repository location) 
6. The full path should then be "X:\Backup\DOMAIN_UserAccount\Backup Job for SERVER\" (Replace X:\Backups with your endpoint repository location) 
7. in Veeam B&R, rescan the repository and check you can see imported restore points  
8. Go back to Endpoint client machine and open Veeam endpoint  
9. Click on "Configure Job" 
10. Reconfigure the backup job and select Veeam B&R Repository for the destination 
11. Make sure to user the same account as the backup repository folder above "DOMAIN_UserAccount" 
12. Make sure to select the same repository server that you copied the backup to. 
13. Leave everything else exactly as it was and complete the wizard 
14. The next backup should be incremental. 

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